First Five Episodes

Michael has completed filming the first five episodes of his new TV series set to air on March 11th @ 9PM on Fox. The show has been renamed The American Embassy.

Michael portrays the lead character's main confidant and cross-dressing neighbor - Gary. Although the character is still in the early stages of development, it has been decided that he will be a performer and lead a band This is especially exciting news since it will give Michael the chance to sing and perform. Michael/Gary's band (called "Tastes Like Chicken" on the show). includes fellow Retriever bandmates: Alex Lutes; David Ledden on bass and Mark Kulke on guitar. The entire band recorded a three song CD entitled, "Tastes Like Retriever Volume One" for the show. For more details please visit

FOX has a teaser from the show online here:
Michael doesn't appear in the clip but it does show the setup for the pilot episode.

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