Watch With Wanda "the American Embassy"
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Why It's Different: Although it has gotten the "Ally Goes to London" rap, American Embassy is hardly a McRipoff. It's more "Ally Morphs into a Lovable Felicity-Bridget Jones Hybrid and Goes to London." It has a feel all its own.

What It's About: We meet Emma Brody (Arija Bareikis) as she's moving to London to become vice consul at the U.S. embassy. Through letters to her sister, Jules, we're told of Emma's new life: her transvestite neighbor, ultrahip office, nympho roommate and--the marking of any strong serial drama--a love triangle involving two frighteningly handsome young men, one of whom is engaged to be married.

Why You'll Dig It: Embassy has a fantastic script, for one thing. And the pilot was shot in London, so it's full of gorgeous shots (not to mention mouthwatering lead actors). By the end of the first episode, you'll be so head-over-heels for Emma Brody, you'll be asking, "Ally who?"

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