"The American Embassy"
Entertainment Weekly
January 25/Febuary 1 2002

An Ingenue goes International for Fox

It plays like Ally McBeal's Diary, but this Fox dramady - about flighty Ohio native Emma Brody (Arija Bareikis) who takes a job as an American vice consul in London - found itself in a serious pickle following Sept 11th's terrorist attack. The pilot's ending, shot last March, features a car-bomb explosion at Emma's office building. Executive producer Jim Parriott kept the haunting scene, but decided to change the series tone; future episodes will be less about Emma's Ally-esque existance- she works with kooky collegue! she has a cross-dressing neighbor! she flirts with a CIA agent a Brit royal! and " a little bit more about world issues. This is a chance to do something bigger. Emma's point of view needs to be a little more sophisticated." Adds Bareikis, "She's trying to suss out who she is." There's more to life than living in Toledo, Ohio, having babies." (debuts March 11)

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