Amazing Journey
Michael Cerveris Live at FEZ
July 11, 12 & 14: Michael joins Loser's Lounge tribute to Serge Gainsbourg

Michael got into the spirit of the Loser's Lounge tribute to controversial French singer/songwriter Serge Gainsburge, performing a deliciously sleazy yet seductive version of "the Ballad of Melody Nelson.". Enough said, watch the video...

July 11: Doors at 8 PM, Showtime at 9 PM.
Saturday and Monday July 12, 14: Doors at 7 PM, Showtime at 8 PM

Fez Under Time Cafe
380 Lafayette Street at Great Jones
info: 212-533-7000

Tickets are $20 available through

Real Video


1st half translated by Mick Harvey;
2nd half translated by Florence Mazzone:

This is the story
Melody Nelson
Who, other than this man right here,
Took in her arms no other loves.
You think that's weak
But that's how it was.

She used to have love,
Melody Nelson.
She used to have above a ton.
But now her days are just numbers
Fourteen autumns
Fifteen summers.

A little animal,
Melody Nelson.
An adorable urchin
A most delicious infant
That I knew then
For but a moment.

Oh, my melody,
Melody Nelson.
A delightful vagabond.
You were the only condition,
Sine qua non,
Of my reason.

The Rolls wings are slightly touching the pylons
When, realizing I was lost, we arrived, me and my Rolls,
in a dangerous and isolated place.

On the hood of the 1910 Silver Ghost
the radiator silver Venus is my guide
with her light veils.

Arrogant, contemptuous, while the radio is blaring over the silent engine,
her sight on the horizon, she's ignoring the pavement I'm hitting.

Alleys, culs de sac with no parking,
her heart is indifferent, she's in charge of
my 26 horse engine.

Prince of darkness, cursed archangel,
A modern style amazon whom the sculptor nicknamed "spirit of ecstasy."

As you can imagine,
I was daydreaming before loosing control of the Rolls.
I was driving slowly when a violent shock put me back on earth!

I could see a wheel that kept on turning
And a doll-like girl who lost her balance,
her skirt hitched up, revealing white panties.

What's your name?
Melody what?
Melody Nelson.
Melody Nelson is a red hair
and that's her real hair color....


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