Amazing Journey

Michael Cerveris Live at FEZ
"I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea: The Loser's Lounge Tribute to Elvis Costello"
October 11, 12, 13th
The Fez is located underneath The Time Cafe at 380 Lafayette St. at Great Jones.

Michael performed :"Everyday I Write the Book"

Real Video

Featuring the Kustard Kings:
Joe McGinty, David Terhune, Kris Woolsey, Clem Waldmann, Eddie Zweiback, Matt Lindsey, And STC: Sean Altman, Tricia Scotti, Connie Petruk

Guest Singers
Ed Rogers
Julian Maile
Josh Tyler
Joe Hurley
Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser
David Driver
Nick Danger

John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants)
Michael Cerveris ("Tommy", "Hedwig")
Tony Zajkowski (Honeycomb)
Peter Salett (Friday & Sunday)
Mary Birdsong (Friday & Sunday)
Jim Ferguson (Friday & Sunday)
Jeni Muldaur (Saturday)
Juliana Nash (Saturday)
Michal The Girl (Friday)
Patti Rothberg (Saturday)
Philip Shelley (Saturday)
Amanda Thorpe (Friday)
Lara Meyerratken (Sunday)
Cathy Cervenka (Saturday)
Mark Rozzo (Champale) Friday
Rene Risque (Saturday)
Owen McCarthy (The Everyothers) (Sunday)

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