Cerveris Live @ Tonic
May 2nd 2004

Michael played to a full room at Tonic in New York City. He performed songs from his album Dog Eared.
with Claudia Chopek (violin & guitar), Leah Coloff (cello), Alexander Gemignani (keyboard), Kendra Kassebaum (backup vocals), Adam Lasus (bass), Chris Weilding (guitar), Eddie Zwieback (percussion), and special guest Anders Parker of Varnaline (guitar on "Snowbound".)

Michael Cerveris

"Dog Eared" Real Video
Kendra Kassebaum, Eddie Zwieback, Adam Lasus
Alexander Gemignani, Claudia Chopek, Chris Weilding
Adam Lasus, Michael Cerveris
Leah Coloff, Claudia Chopek, Chris Weilding
Michael Cerveris

"Disconnect" Real Video
Claudia Chopek
Chris Weilding
Michael Cerveris
Anders Parker, Adam Lasus, Michael Cerveris

"Snowbound" Real Video


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