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August 16, 2004: Michael Cerveris joins Voices of Peace and Dissent 

Created in response to the war in Iraq, the "enlightening and entertaining evening, “VOICES OF PEACE AND DISSENT” features a rotating cast of actors, activists and celebrities performing excerpts from plays, literature, letters, comedy and up-to-the-minute news relevant to current affairs and the upcoming Presidential election

.Worth Street artistic director Jeff Cohen said in a statement, “The urgency of voicing dissent has never been more important or more patriotic. Since last year, the situation in Iraq and in the world has worsened. When the United States is seen to have tortured Iraqi prisoners and suspended the constitutional rights of its own citizens, we have an obligation to speak out as loudly as we can.”

Michael will be joining the cast on August 16th & 23rd along with Assassins costar Mario Cantone.

The Worth Street Theatre
111 Reade Street
New York, NY 10013
Tickets & Info: 212-868-4444
Price: $20.00
Date and Time: Monday, August 16 & 23 @ 8:00pm



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