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Interview Magazine's 10th Annual Two minutes or less Oscar Worthy Performances: Sheila Benson picks the mini-gems of 2001

5. Michael Cerveris, the Mexican's big-hearted gay postal worker who might have made all the difference in James Gandolfini's life-- if he hadn't been murdered.

The Mexican now available on DVD

The Mexican, starring Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini and Michael can now be viewed on the small screen. The DVD version includes two of Michael's very funny scenes (including his character performing the song "Love Letters" - that were originally cut from the movie for time.

The Mexican DVD

Editorial Reviews
Part road movie, part romantic comedy, part thriller, and a whole lotta fun, The Mexican could get by on star power alone, but it offers Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and a clever plot full of delightful surprises. It's a thoroughly enjoyable shaggy-dog story in which the downtrodden Jerry Welbach (Pitt) copes with a dual dilemma: his girlfriend Samantha (Roberts) has just dumped him to pursue solo ambitions in Las Vegas, and a manipulative mobster has ordered Jerry to Mexico to retrieve a coveted antique pistol (the "Mexican" of the title) that carries a legacy of legend, death, and danger. Jerry soon has his hands full with bandits, bloodshed, and a grizzly hound dog that vanishes and reappears with amusing regularity. En route to Vegas, Samantha's taken hostage by a burly assassin (James Gandolfini) who's attached to the gun-fetching scheme and is, in more ways than one, not who he seems to be.
Like a good magic act, J.H. Wyman's original screenplay distracts you from its gaps of logic, using unexpected revelations to fuel its strategic vitality. It also provides a wealth of character development, and director Gore Verbinski (Mouse Hunt) gives his stellar cast equal time to shine. It hardly matters that Pitt and Roberts spend most of the film apart; their time together is worth waiting for, and the machinations that separate them play out like a cross between vintage Peckinpah and Romancing the Stone. And why is the accursed pistola so valuable? That's just another surprise, setting the stage for the arrival of yet another big-name star, whose motivations are pure in a film full of double-crosses and darkly shaded humor. With a giddy plot like this, star power is just icing on the cake. --Jeff Shannon --


Brad Pitt .... Jerry Welbach
Julia Roberts .... Samantha Barzel
James Gandolfini .... Winston Baldry (aka 'Leroy')
J.K. Simmons .... Ted
Bob Balaban .... Nayman
Sherman Augustus .... The Real Leroy
Michael Cerveris .... Frank
Gene Hackman .... Margolese
Richard Coca .... Car Thief
David Krumholtz .... Beck
Castulo Guerra .... Joe the Pawnshop Owner
Mayra Serbulo .... Emanuelle (as Maira Serbulo)
Salvador Sánchez .... Gunsmith
Alan Ciangherotti .... Gunsmith's Assistant (as Alan Cianguerotti)
Melisa Romero .... Gunsmith's Daughter
Ernesto Gómez Cruz .... Tropillo
Daniel Escobar .... Raoul
Dale Raoul .... Estelle
Jeremy Roberts (I) .... Bobby Victory
Jorge Malpica .... Mexican Gas Station Clerk
Pedro Armendáriz Jr. .... Mexican Policeman
Steve Rossi (I) .... Vegas M.C.
Clint Curtis .... Vegas Busboy
Lawrence Bender .... Vegas Onlooker
Ariane Pellicer .... Mexican Ticket Agent
Carlos Lacamara .... Car Rental Rep
Daniel Zacapa .... Bartender
Alfredo Escobar .... Car Thief #2
Luis Artagnan .... Car Thief #3
Fermín Martínez (I) .... Chicken Farmer
José Carlos Rodríguez .... Hotel Clerk
Gustavo Aguilar Tejada .... Junk Yard Proprietor (as Gustavo Aguilar)
Lucía Pailles .... Mexican Woman (Phone)
Gilberto Barraza .... 2nd Man with Gun
Humberto Fernández Tristan .... Nobleman
Luis Felipe Tovar .... Nobleman's Son
Fausta Torres .... Elderly Mexican Lady
Loló Navarro .... Chosen Grandmother
Emiliano Guerra .... Small Boy with Flashlight
Miguel Ángel Fuentes (I) .... Big Thief #4
Angelina Peláez .... Mother
Arthur Taxier .... Hotel Security
William Fuller (II) .... Big Tom
Harrison Fuller .... Big Tom Double
Gerardo Tarcena .... Reveler to Fire Gun
John Pisci .... Musician
Rudy Aikels .... Musician
Ronald Simone .... Musician

Original music by Alan Silvestri

Directed by Gore Verbinski

Written by J. H. Wyman

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