Rock & Roll High School Forever (1990)
Michael's Scenes

Rock and Roll High School Forever VHS
Jesse Davis - Corey Feldman
Principal McGree - Larry Linville
Dr. Vadar - Mary Woronov
Sheila - Jane Curtis
Donovan - Jason Lively
Tabatha - Brynn Horrocks
Eagle Bauer - Michael Cerveris

Mag - Evan Richards
Jones - Patrick Y. Malone
Ray - Charles Noland
Dale - Michael Monks
Spirit of Rock n' roll - Mojo Nixon
Rita Mae - Sarah Buxton
Namrok - Steven Ho
Whitney - Andrea Paige Wilson
Bob - Benjamin Cleaveland
Margaret - Lara Lyon
Mrs. Grossman - Joan-Carol Bensen
Biology Teacher - Peter Elbling
Mrs. Snotgrass - Linda Lutz
Mr. Snotgrass - Danny Dayton
Mr. Cheese - Lewis Arquette
Mr. Romano - Niles Brewster
Ms. Limberger - Cordis Heard
The Witch - Roberta Bassin
Zillion Kisses Leader - Mark Governor
Zillion Kisses Band - Glenn Nishida, Lori Duperon,
Naughty Boy - Randy Irwin
Miss Box - Veronica Blak
Cook - DeVera Marcus
Jack - Cameron Bancroft
Nerd - Jeff Maynard
Policeman - G.E. Miller
Marconi Student - Adam Fisher
Laughing Man - John Gerard
Prom Chaperone - Cecile Krevoy.
Screaming Steve - Richard Blade
Written & Directed by Deborah Brock 
Produced by Don Daniel 

Rock & Roll High School Forever

Scene 1: Eagle Bauer's Office

Mr. Eagle Bauer there are some people
here to see you. Oh - later honey.
Not now all right? Ok. <hangs up>
You can go in and see him immediately.
<opening door electronically>

Eagle Bauer:

<talking on phone>

No! No! No! I'm talking 2000 not 200.
Look 2000 - you can cut that in half! Drop it??

<shoots toy ray gun at phone>

Hell-o?? What planet are you ordering on?
I'm talking 2000 flash frozen frogs
for biology class. Yes - frogs. Send them
to the warehouse. Tell them Eagle Bauer
sent you.

<hangs up>

All right.

The Eradicators - my very favorite
rock and roll band. How's it going?

<He goes to the refrigerator behind him
and gets refreshments >


Very good.
We got a little problem. Vader.

Eagle Bauer:


That squarehead from hell?

Oh God -here -check this out.
Fake doctor's excuses down 70%!

Fake hallpasses down 80%!

Test answers are
totally unavailable!

That numbnuts is gonna bankrupt me!


<He bites off the ends of two pencils to demonstate
his frustration in case they missed the point.>

Mm; yeah I see...

Eagle Bauer:

Forget it!

Forget her!

Too de-pressing to even discuss.

<with a heavy sigh he throws himself down on a nearby couch...

and melts into it>


So what can I do for the Eradicators?

We wanna play the prom

Eagle Bauer:
Great concept but I thought that you
had been e-radicated from all school activities.

Well that's the problem.
We have to stop Dr. Vader from
destroying Rock & Roll High School.

Eagle Bauer:
I see. I do know something that can work.
You are talented.
You are very talented.
Good talent needs good management..

I'll give you 10% off the top - if you get the gig.

Eagle Bauer:


Eagle Bauer:
I keep the video rights.



Eagle Bauer: <on intercom>
Miss Box draw up a contract for
the Eradicators to play the prom.


Eagle Bauer:
All right. There are six judges for the prom audition.
Get rid of Vader that leaves five.
Three of them will vote for you. So with my
incredible planning -Vader will be outa
there by 3 o'clock which is when you guys
are scheduled to audition.

So who did you put us down as
on the audition list?

Eagle Bauer:
Wombat Vengence.

Thought of that name myself.

That is the worst name
I have ever heard of in my life!

Eagle Bauer:
Only a temporary necessity.

<taking a plate out of the refrigerator.>

Now - I'm sure you guys are really hungry.

Jessie: & Tabatha:

Yeah I could eat a ho..

Eagle Bauer:
Uh-uh - Why don't you try this?

It's great!

Mange Pi-zon!

<takes a mouthful and then hurls it across room>

Eagle Bauer:
You don't like it?

Tastes like barf!

Eagle Bauer:
Crap! I gotta 1000 lbs of this stuff in
the food service freezers.

What is it Eagle Bauer?

Eagle Bauer:
It's sheval - it's for summer school classes.

It's French.. it's
very classy.

Bouquot d'glace

I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

Wait a minute no no no what is that?
C'mon tell me.

Eagle Bauer: <hedging>
It's ho-o

What? it's a hose? What?

Eagle Bauer:
It's horse all right. But it's perfectly legal.

You can not feed summer school kids horse meat!

Eagle Bauer:
The French love it!

Fine - the French love it. American kids do not eat Mr. Ed.

SCENE 3: Electrical panels outside High School

Eagle Bauer:

10,000 volts- big deal.

<cuts electric>

That'll teach you to mess with
Eagle Bauer industries.

SCENE 4: High School

Eagle Bauer:
A Zillion Kisses right? Oh! I have to tell you -
your music has always meant so much to me.

You are very very talented - really!

Very talented and good talent

needs good management.

Now I was thinking maybe 25% off the top..

Band member:
Look man we've got to get set up for the prom...

Eagle Bauer:

<recalling how he is dressed>

Oh- prom!

Uh - it's right through there.
You can set up right on the stage

Band Member:
It's kinda dark in there isn't it?

Eagle Bauer:
Vader. Slashed the budget.
New concept -
<handing guy a lighter>
twilight zone prom.

Band Member:

Eagle Bauer:
Watch your step - all the way to the back!

<He shuts the door behind him revealing a sign pointing to the prom- in the other direction>

SCENE 5: At the prom

Pouring alcohol into punch bowl.

SCENE 6: Outside Vader's Office

Eagle Bauer peeks through window of Vader's office. He films Vader and "naughty boy" in comprimising situation.

SCENE 7: Outside Vader's Office/School yard/Prom

<Something falls outside. Vader looks up and sees Eagle Bauer in the window>

Eagle Bauer:

What's up Doc?

Eagle Bauer takes the video tape out of the camcorder and runs for it.

Vader chases him across yard and into the prom area. Two of Vader's helpers almost capture him but he easily throws them off.

Finally he throws video tape to the band. The bad guys run
past after the video tape.

It is then played on large screen at prom
so everyone can witness Vader's scene.

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