Tokyo Pop

Tokyo Pop


Wendy Reed -Carrie Hamilton
Hiro Yamaguchi - Yutaka Tadokoro
Grandfather -Taiji Tonoyama
Mike - Michael Cerveris

Directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui 
Written by Lynn Grossman, Fran Rubel Kuzui
Cinematography by James Hayman 
Music by Alan Brewer 
Production Design by Terumi Hosoishi 
Costume Design by Asako Kobayashi 
Film Editing by Camilla Toniolo 
Produced by Kaz Kuzui Jonathan Olsberg

Wendy Reed, a singer in a New York rock band whose career is going nowhere. She decides to visit Tokyo, meets a rock musician, Hiro Yamaguchi (Yutaka Tadokoro), and is persuaded to join his struggling band. Before long, the group is propelled to stardom. Along the way, a romance develops between Hiro and Wendy, affording comic scenes of the expected clash-of-cultures variety.

Scene: NY Night Club:

Band performing onstage with Mike in lead

Mike: <singing>      real audio      mp3

Bitin' and scratchin'

And pulling my hair..

Who has a way of makin me
wish I was dreamin'

So I could wake up from this
scary nightmare!

It's you!

Why you drive me crazy!

I say I can't stand it then

I beg you for more!


You make my b- b-b- brain go hazy

It's you you
you you you you you....



Mike begins
heavy breathing...

He growls, snarls, gasps and

continues making other various

sexy animalistic sounds...

All of which is directed at a girl

in the back of the club

Wendy notices...

And you're driving me crazy!

I say I've had enough and then

I still want more!

You make my b- b-b- brain go hazy

It's you you you you you you you....


Mike is charming the girl
from the back of the bar

Wendy comes and sits on the other side of Mike..

So Mike when do I get to
do my song?

I don't know baby....

His hand glides appreciatively from
his own lap to
her thigh for a while...

He feels the tension rising on his right ...

and his hand glides smoothly back

down into his lap again..

Luke is talking about using
some other girl...

What other girl?

Mike doesn't answer

but he doesn't have to..

You're a real shithead Mike

Wendy leaves.

He lets her.

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