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Zum 1250 Mal Tommy"
To person;
Tommy 1250 times

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)
by Anton Jakob Weinberger
Michael photo by W. Bergmann

It has been four years since American actor Michael Cerveris first began portraying the character of "Tommy" in the musical of the same name. He began in San Diego, California, then on Broadway in New York and since last April in Offenbach (Germany). Performing as Tommy in the musical written by Pete Townshend and Des McAnuff, has given the young actor a unique chance. The character has taken the actor from Huntington, West Virginia, distinguished him from the crowd and has brought him fame, acknowledgement from the critics and theater awards.

But "Tommy" isn't the alter ego of the 35 year old actor, who for the 1250 time will display his singing, dancing and acrobatic dexterity tomorrow in the musical theater in the Goethestreet. "If I enter a Bar without my wig, everybody knows that I'm not Tommy" says Cerveris, whose head is shaven to fix the hairpiece better.

Cerveris, who had finished the school for the Dramatic Art at Yale University and started his career as a Shakespearan actor, says that the character has changed him. Now he understands Tommy much better. It's the story of a boy who because of a shocking event, became autistic, was pushed to become an Idol by the local media because of his ability to play pinball like no other. But who says goodbye to Idealism only to be himself. Also he doesn't need to prove himself to anyone, says the actor.

During the crisis day in February, Cerveris took on an unusual role. He fought behind the stage to ensure that Tommy will play longer in Offenbach. The cast elected him as their speaker, a mark of confidence. He has also gained audience support.. Cerveris is glad that he doesn't have to live as an Actor in Offenbach. He speaks about feeling good about the city - that he has roots. The people are openhearted and he has friends. A serious experience for someone who first as a student got settled because his parents often changed the living place.

How long he will sing evening by evening rock evergreens like "See Me Feel Me" or "I'm Free" he couldn't say. Five or six times he has wanted to say goodbye to the show but didn't and the show needed him. Whether Cerveris, will enter the music industry as a singer and guitar player from his founded band "Lame" or if he returns to the theater and the classic dramatic art, it is certain that "Tommy" has changed his life.

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Michael in dressing room with Gibson

Michael Cerveris with Gibson, the dog,
In the wardrobe:
The musical theatre is a good thing for Offenbach, its brings money to the the city and makes her more attractive. If I look around and see the many sights I have the feeling that Offenbach will live (or discover) a renaissance.

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