Hedwig - Gen Arts Soundcheck - 7/14/99 page 1

Gen Arts Festival - Culturama II
Wednesday, July 14th, 1999

The Altman Building, NYC

Soundcheck - 5pm

starring Michael Cerveris, Stephen Trask, Cory
Waletzko, Tristan Avakian, David McKinley and Ted Liscinski.

Special appearances by
Kelly Martindale, Stage Manager
Jared Geller, Production Assistant

Mike Potter, Make-up & Hair Design

h-gdr31.jpg (54597 bytes)Cory
Waletzko as Yitsak

h-gensc5.jpg (64103 bytes)

David McKinley as Shlatko

h-wet5.jpg (9146 bytes)
Stephen Trask as Skshp

h-wet7.jpg (10252 bytes)

Ted Lisinski as Jacek

h-wet8.jpg (11255 bytes)

Tristan Avakian as Krzyzhtoff

h-wet9.jpg (12037 bytes)

Jared Geller, Production Assistant

h-wet10.jpg (11985 bytes)

Michael Cerveris as Hedwig

How cast members take directions....

Ted - just happy to be here...

h-gens77.jpg (68055 bytes)

Michael listening intently..

h-wet3.jpg (10785 bytes)

Tristan using body language..

h-wet5.jpg (9146 bytes)

h-gens60.jpg (62333 bytes)


Everyone reacting to what Steven had to say...

h-wet.jpg (9489 bytes)

Michael and Cory, sharing their own private language...

h-wet13.jpg (8242 bytes)

h-wet.jpg (9489 bytes)

h-wet2.jpg (10978 bytes)

h-wet3.jpg (10785 bytes)

Dave intruding on Cory and Michael's discussion

h-wet4.jpg (10289 bytes)

h-wet5.jpg (9146 bytes)