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     Michael's new Venture

Musicals, August 1998

He inspired audiences as Tommy on Broadway and Germany, most recently, he was celebrated for his performance as Titanic ship builder Thomas Andrews, now Michael ventures into new territory. Beginning in July, he will play for one month the leading character in Hedwig And The Angry Inch, an Off-Broadway musical about a German-American transsexual rock singer.

Hedwig at the Jane Street Theatre, currently the hit of the New York Off-Broadway theatre scene, is about Hansel Schmidt, who grew up in deserted East Berlin before the "Wende" (Berlin Wall came down) and who is dreaming about freedom.

Hansel undergoes a botched sex change operation which leaves him with his best part only a centimeter long ugly scar, evenly a "angry inch". He takes the name Hedwig and marries a American , with whom she emigrates to the USA. Soon they divorce, Hedwig falls in love with a rock guitarist and they tour throughout the states.

Michael Cerveris takes over for vacationing star and composer of the play, John Cameron Mitchell. The music and the songs are by Stephen Trask.

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