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     "Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Review"
     Metro, September 21, 2000

Billed as 'Danny La Rue meets Meat Loaf on speed', Hedwig has all the hallmarks of a cult-musical-in-the-making.

We meet our heroine (Michael Cerveris) on the opening night of her new show, trussed up like the poverbial mutt's supper, peppering her introduction with timely cultural references and unrelenting innuendo.

She goes on to recount her deprived childhood in communist east germany and her escape route in the form of luther, a predatory American G.I. who convinced the young Hansel to surrender his manhood and assume his mother's identity. The union was short lived, however, and Hedwig found herself penniless and alone in a phoenix trailer park.

Her ensuing love affair with rock star Tommy Gnosis fuels much of her anguish, much to the disdain of her current partner, Yitzak (elizabeth marsh in convincing drag).

In what is a one-person-of-indeterminate-gender show, the supremely talented Cerveris tackles Stephen Trask's angst-laden songs with aplomb and the raucous reminising and tortured soul-baring is suffered with poignant humour throughout. the absence of extraneous cast members.

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