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     LiveDog98: Bob Mould Band, Forum, UK

Michael's smashing final performance on Bob Mould''s electric tour, the Last Dog and Pony Show is now available on CD.

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Recorded live at the Forum in London, 29 October 1998. This show was originally recorded for a BBC broadcast.

A comprehensive overview of Bob's solo work to date, including selections from "Workbook", "Black Sheets Of Rain", and the eponymous 1996 CD. Bob's electric guitar work at its' finest, along with the raspy "two months into a tour" voice, make this a must-have for the traditional fan. The new "Modulate" fans may be surprised by this one; who knew Bob could conjure up such a racket?

18 tracks, TRT 74:08

Moving Trucks
Taking Everything
First Drag of the Day
I Hate Alternative Rock
Stand Guard
Hear Me Calling
Art Crisis
Anymore Time Between
Eternally Fried
Roll Over and Die
Lonely Afternoon
Reflecting Pool
Hanging Tree
Man On the Moon

Bob Mould: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Michael Cerveris: Guitar, Vocals
Matt Hammon: Drums
Jim Wilson: Bass, Vocals

Recorded at the Forum, London UK
Performance Date: 29 Oct 1998
Mastered at: Yes Mastering, Austin, TX
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Jim Wilson
All songs Granary Music BMI
Administered worldwide by Bug Music
Bill Batson: Stage Manager, Monitor Engineer
Randy Hawkins: Tour Manager, Front of House Engineer
Charles Scott IV: Instrument Technician

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