Another Journey - October 3 - 5

Atlanta, Georgia
Variety Playhouse

SATURDAY 3 October

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Long drive to Atlanta. Another good talk with Bob while I drive and the other two sleep in the back. They had a bad Waffle House experience the night before. Jim's cold getting worse, Bob feeling on the verge of sick. Matt and I stuffy, but holding on.

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Looking forward to the last of this marathon week of shows. Were we really in NY just last week? And one week from tonight we'll be in Denver?!!? Jeez.

Head for Little 5 Corners and the Variety, a big, characterless place, but really good house sound and great sightlines.

Matt, Jim and I cruise the area, checking out vintage clothing shops, record stores, etc. Stock up on our new most favorite beverage of all time: SoBe Juices. Partial to the orange carrot and the Energy flavors in particular. Watch some Astros baseball with Matt at the adjacent bar.

Back to the gig which is pretty much sold out and rocking. Again vocals almost impossible to hear onstage. Big tuning problems with the guitars and bass, too. Going to get them set up again in St. Louis. Not our best show, but very solid.

Afterwards, Bob stays with friends and will fly to St. Louis. We three celebrate the end of the marathon week at an outside bar and watch the alternative wannabees and frat dudes do their mating rituals.

Atlanta doesn't leave the best taste in your mouth. Kind of depressing scene, actually. Glad to move on. Strangely bummed for some reason.

On the Road to St. Louis, Missouri

SUNDAY 4 October

We three head off to St. Louis without Colonel Bob.
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Late start, takes some time to get out of town. Another Waffle House brunch this time in northern Cobb County, GA.

Long drive today. Stuck in construction, it takes us one hour to go 5 miles at one point. Nice day off.

At another rest stop McDonalds in Tennessee, we are reminded how scary much of this great nation is. Or else we're just freaks, which is entirely possible. I keep forgetting about my nailpolish and earrings. Matt's hands torn up a bit from trying not to wear gloves again. I've ripped open new wounds on my right hand. At least the fingernail tearing has improved since New Haven.

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Matt takes over the driving for the first time all tour, and 20 minutes into his turn, he gets nabbed by a Tennessee State Trooper. In Matt's words, "Piss Poor!" Only 8 miles from the Kentucky border, but we choose not to make a run for it. The guy's nice enough. Writes him up for 74mph in a 70 zone although he clocked him at 79. Still, it's $90. Piss poor indeed.......

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We listen to some of the live tapes of our shows. VERY discouraged to hear how off-key some of it is.  It's just because it's so loud on stage. I guess the earplugs don't help with tuning, but without them, I'd be even more deaf. Hopefully in the room it's better. This is why live tapes suck. They aren't an accurate representation of any performance. Live music should only be heard live. Pretty discouraging. We all agree not to listen to anymore live tapes.

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This is the beginning of the less-playing-more-driving leg of the tour.

But I get to see my brother in St. Louis, which is very cool. Really proud of all his success this past year. Two regional theater gigs and a role opposite Renee Zellweger in One True Thing.

Not too shabby.

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