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     Abingdon Square

American Place Theater
Thursday, November 12-December 6, 1987
23 Performances

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Frank - Michael Cerveris
Marion - Madeleine Potter
Michael - John David Cullum
Juster - John Seitz
Minnie - Myra Carter
Mary - Anna Levine
Glazier - Mark Bagnall

Written & Directed by Maria Irene Fornes

Sets: Donald Eastman
Lighting: Anne Militello
Costumes: Sam Fleming
Casting: Myers/Teschner
Technical Director: Mark Bagnall
Assistant to Director/Musical Director: Beatriz Cordoba
General Manager: William Hopkins
Wardrobe: Deborah Jeanne Culpin
Stage Managers: Rebecca Green & Harvey Vincent

A play in two acts, The action takes place in New York from 1908-1913, 1915-1917.

photo: Michael and Madeline Potter
courtesy of the

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