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The Bridge

Thank you, Mr. Murdoch.
What is our present course?

281 degrees North

Steady as she goes.

Aye Aye Captain.

Mr. Lightholler what is our current

19 Sir.

Maintain 19 knots Mr. Murdoch.

Aye Aye Sir.
(on speakerphone)
Boiler Room 1- 6- Maintain
68 revolutions of the main propellers

Ismay and Etches enter Bridge

E.J! Now that we are officially
underway I thought a little celebration
might be in order.

I'm sorry Mr. Ismay - I don't allow
alcohol on my bridge. You know
that Mr. Etches.

Yes Sir, I do.

Oh technically speaking E. J.
it would be considered my bridge.

Not at sea, Mr. Ismay.

I'm terribly sorry- Sir - this bottle
seems to have gone completely flat.
I couldn't possibly allow you to
drink it. Would you like me to fetch
you another Mr. Ismay?

Never mind - let it go.

Again - my apologies.

Thank you Mr. Etches.

Etches leaves with champange bottle

Yes -well with or without champange
I want to toast our ship.
Royal Mail Steamer - Titanic!
Nearly a quarter mile in length
- She's bigger- grander and safer
than any ship in history! The
greatest achievement in Trans-
Atlantic Navigation since that very
first crossing nearly 420 years ago.

Ah Andrews <entering>! I'm glad
you are here!I was just congratulating
the three of us on our magnificent contribution to the 20th Century.
Progress Gentleman!
I give you both...

I trust you will forgive us Mr. Ismay -
We have our duties!

Tell me E.J. what is our present speed?

19 knotts, Mr. Ismay.

Really? I would have expected us to
be going much faster now that we've
cleared land. I want us to make NY
by Tuesday afternoon.
Tell me
Andrews, I understand that 22 knotts
would be necessary in order to make
a six day crossing. In your expert
opinion is Titanic capable of that
Come Andrews, you're the one who
built the thing. Are we capable of
22 knotts?

Capable, yes I'm sure we are.
Possibly a bit more if pushed 23

Excellent! Sir!

Andrews: (continuing)
But - it is customary for a maiden
voyage to precede prudently.

It's the maiden voyage that creates
news dammit!I intend for this one to
create a legend! Talk to me straight
man - when can we expect full speed?

When the Captain orders it, Sir.

Well then we must persuade him
to do so mustn't we?

As a point of fact, I was about to give
the order when you walked in. Mr.
Murdoch - increase speed to 20 knotts.

20 knotts Aye Aye Sir!
(on speakerphone)
Increase speed Mr. Bell, give us
71 revolutions.

20 knotts? Well, it's a start I suppose.
Carry on Gentleman.<exits>

Watch your compass Mr. Hichens
- you are drifting off course!

I don't think so Sir

Don't argue with me man,
If I say you're off course -
you're bloody well off course!

Boiler Room #6

Set your screws to 71 - Mr. Barrett

71? If you ask me Mr. Bell
- it's a might soon for 71.

Captain's orders, Mr Barrett-
if you've got no objections that is!

It's his ship isn't it? 71 it shall be!
But I speak plain Mr. Bell, if it was
my ship I wouldn't recommend the
speed be increased too quick

Do as you're told Mr. Barrett.

Barrett's Song

She's sparkling clean, this new-born ship
But one old thing is clear
The orders they propose above
We execute down here...

We'll watch from here as up above
They'll catch a whiff of glory
This wonder ship may be brand new
But it's the same old story...

Stoke the fire down in the hold
As the men draw back...
Feed the heat in the hold
As the men draw back

And the dust of the coal in the air is black
And a trickle of sweat runs down your back...

And what are the boys from
Midlands doing here?

Coal it is that makes the steam
That runs the machines that run the world
That sends the men below the ground
To mine the coal
Each day...

From the Leicetershire and Nottingham
Us Lads who worked down in the pit
Knew if you got above the ground
You'd save your soul
Some way...

Get out of the pit
And Westward I knew that I could run
And ship out to sea and there my new life was begun...
And the screws are turning at seventy-one...

It became my dream to got out to sea...
Further out from the mine you couldn't be...
But, born to the coal, there's no place for you elsewhere
You trade a life of dank and gloom
To shovel in the boiler room
But now you're seven decks below
A Lady's dainty feet...

And nothing has changed
There's nothing a miner can do
The pit and your mates
Turned into the hold and crew...
And the screws are turning at seventy-two...

Faster and faster we watch as we gain evermore
Seventy-three, and too soon it is seventy-four...

For a record speed I believe we strive!
For the maiden trip that's too hard to drive
If you push her faster than seventy-five.

That is the truth
I swear!

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