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     "In Every Age"

"In Every Age" captures one of the bigger
themes of the show which is this belief in
technology and human achievement that
the Titanic represented to so many people
and especially Andrews.
- Michael Cerveris

He (Andrews) was an incredibly industrious person.
The people who knew him describe him as
never being someone who took time out to
read a novel. He would be reading design
books or shipping texts or something.

He got to work at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning
and left at 7 o'clock in the evening. And was
just constantly involved and aware of every
aspect of the ship building.

During the voyage he supposedly was walking
around the ship taking notes on the color of paint

on the deck chairs and the number of coat
hooks in the First Class Smoking Room.

It was that kind of attention to detail and that
sort of passion that drove him.

He was a sort of visionary.

Andrews focus was entirely on the ship itself
  and the functioning of the ship and a well
  executed maiden voyage
  without taking unnecessary risks.
  - Michael Cerveris

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