"What a Remarkable Age!"

I play a character called Henry Etches, who is the first class steward. Which means that he looked after all the millionaires, the Guggenheims, the Astors, the Thayer's, the Strauss. There's a great enjoyment, a kind of love of the people that he serves. Which is something that is very much of the period I think they caught it very well. The English class of 1912 was extraordinary because someone like Henry Etches who did not come from an upper class background became more posh than the posh. Because he had to really really make them feel at home and comfortable and quiet and nothing could go wrong.
-- Allan Corduner, Henry Etches

They had been married for seven months and she was seven months pregnant. It just was not looked on well by society at that time. But still on the Titanic he is treated as the most influential -the most important citizen.
-- William Youmans, J. J. Astor

He met her actually in Bar Harbor, Maine. She was up there vacationing with her mother. Her father was a Brooklyn shipping clerk. So she was not coming from the kind of background was expected. There is a scene in the show where we are all assembled and she is trying so desperately to fit in. She's not a brain surgeon so - Mrs. Widenor asks her .."So how did you find Paris, Mrs. Astor?" and she replies, "Thank goodness I didn't have to Jake knew right where it was!"
-- Lisa Datz, Madeline Astor

And then there would be the Clarkes, which is really him because he is really a Clarke and I'm really a Neville. And we're traveling in 1912, sharing a cabin and we're not really married.
- Judith Blazer, Caroline Neville

But we act like we are. People think that we are.
--Don Stephenson, Charles Clarke

We tell people that we are. But I'm really Lady Caroline which I'm from Peerage and really intensely first class British. And he is a Journalist who is not. They were real characters but I don't think we know very much about them. The names are real and they were actual passengers but I think that the story within the show is fictional. There were people that took chances even then in that class. All of the other couples are the same class and the same background. Like the two young Irish people that meet in 3rd Class. The Strauss are both Europeans of Upper sophisticated and cultural backgrounds.
--Judy Blazer, Caroline Neville

The Strausses were very much in some ways like other people of their class of that era. And while they did live a very comfortable lifestyle, I don't know that one would call it opulent. They were extremely hardworking people. So they appreciated everything they had. It wasn't something that they took for granted.
-- Alma Cuervo, Ida Straus

Isidor Straus the owner of Macy's - a man in his late 70s was one of the wealthiest men of the country. And he wasn't simply a wealthy immigrant. Isidor Straus had been a member of the House of Representatives and had been a special advisor to President Cleveland.
- Maury Yeston

He was a great philanthropist. He started a lot of organizations for the underprivileged. The thing that the Strauss are honored for is that they wouldn't leave eachother. He would not board a lifeboat before the women and children were gone and before the other men or the younger men had gone. And she would not leave his side. They would die as they lived - together.
- Larry Keith, Isador Straus

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