Rosie - "There She Is/Godspeed Titanic"

		Members of the cast of Titanic appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell show. 
		The entire company performed the abbreviated version of "the Launching": 
		"There She Is"/Godspeed Titanic". 

"There She Is/Godspeed Titanic" real audio

	Barrett- stoker off the Baltic - 




		Fleet - lookout off the Majestic - 




	Harold Bride - wireless operator with the Marconi
 	Telegraph Company -  




Barrett, Bride & Fleet: 
(looking at the ship, overwhelmed)
There she is...
Towering high...
Broad and grand...
Ship of dreams!
Barrett, Bride, Fleet & Crewman:

Sailing Day!
Morning Bright!
Take your flight!
Ship of dreams!...

She strains at her lines,	
The smoke from her funnels trailing.
Her prow like a knife.,
She'll cut through the waves unfailing.
Soon to be
Size and speed unexplored..
And I'll be aboard
That ship of dreams!


Last Call for Boarding!
This is the very last call for boarding!

	Lift up the ramp
	Let go the lines




Raise up her colours and designs!
Prepare for casting off


		And through the port we'll slip
		Each person standing at the rail


	Let one great thought prevail, 
	One single prayer...
	God Bless This Noble Ship!


		All ashore who are going ashore!
		All ashore who are going ashore!


		Farewell, Farewell
		Godspeed, Titanic...




From your berth glide free!
as you plough the deep,






		In your arms I'll keep.
		Safely West
		May you carry me.





		Sail on, Sail on
		Great Ship Titanic...
		Cross the open sea
		Pray the journey's sound
		Til your port be found
		Fortune's winds
		Sing Godspeed to thee...





		Fortune's winds
		Sing Godspeed 
		to thee!
























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