Within the class structure some people treat him better and some people treat him worse. And the Strauss are very big and very generous. Not with money or tips or anything like that but spirited. So he brings them the bottle of champagne on the tray - silver tray. It's all very proper. Through all that he's saying goodbye to the Strauss. He's giving them his blessing and he's looking after them. And he's not trying to make them more fearful than they already are. It's a strangely selfless act. So that's my function in the play. And it's touching I hope.
--Allan Corduner, Henry Etches

The Straus family is not as well known as some of the other families who had members perish on the Titanic. But their story endures because it was a love story and because it captured the imagination. Isidor and Ida were separated at various times because the family had a summer home in the 1890 in Mo Summer Lake. And she wrote to him daily while he was back at home minding the store - Macy's of course. And she would express to him in these letters her great love of him her -- great sadness of being separated from him.
--Alma Cuervo, Ida Straus

The relationship that he had with Ida is talked about over and over. It was a real true partnership. And her role was as homemaker and raising the children. And she embraced that role. And he could not have functioned without her. Could not have had the success he had in his life without her. They were marvelously bonded.
--Larry Keith, Isador Straus

She admired him tremendously. They made a lot of decisions together but the basic ground rule was that he's the leader and she's the follower in some sense. And even onstage anytime there is an action that has to be initiated - he does.
--Alma Cuervo, Ida Straus

There's an amazing true tale involving Mr. Straus. Mrs Straus got out of the lifeboat and said I've been with Isidor for forty years and I don't want to leave him now. And she stayed aboard the ship and I wrote them a love song. I had to write them a love song. It's a song called "Still".
-Maury Yeston

The Strauss are just one story. They are there because of that one wonderful celebrated moment of devotion that they showed to each other. They would rather die together than have one of them live.
--Peter Stone

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