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American Embassy campaign update:

TV guide had a one day poll asking which cancelled show would you most like to see given a second chance. American Embassy came in second with over 2000 votes (behind Once and Again. 3700). Not too shabby for a series that isn't on a major network and only aired for 4 episodes.

Save AE campaigner, Shannon Miller reports that executive producer John Landgraf says WB no longer seems like the best candidate to pick up AE. Instead the campaign will be focused on Lifetime Network, FX, ABC, NBC. Please continue to send emails to the networks and post messages on the boards.

Lifetime Television
World Wide Plaza
309 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10019
Telephone: (212) 424-7000
President and Chief Executive Officer: Carole Black
Email: http://www.lifetimetv.com/help/feedback.html

Message Boards: http://boards.lifetimetv.com/WebX?14@@.ee6b5fe

FX Network: user@fxnetworks.com
ABC: netaudr@abc.com
NBC: nbcshows@nbc.com
CBS: www.cbs.com feedback at bottom of page
HBO: http://www.hbo.com/corpinfo/talktohbo.shtml
WB: faces@thewb.com
TNT: tnt@tnt.com
Showtime: http://sho.com/util/custhelp.cfm
UPN: http://www.upn.com phone: (310) 575-7000

Here's a great sample letter that mentions the Tea Bag Campaign

a Message from Michael

To all the friends, fans and supporters of American Embassy:

My colleagues and I have been so very surprised, encouraged, comforted, and inspired by all your efforts on behalf of our show. It was something we were quite proud of. We had looked forward to developing the program further, working out the kinks and making it something really special. We were as dismayed as all of you at how little our former network did to support or promote the show as they'd seemed quite keen until recently. We never meant to compete or replace anyone's favorite show. We just hoped to find a place of our own to show what we thought was a somewhat unique look at America and London. We were especially hurt to have our last two episodes pulled from the air as they were full of surprises, fun and some stirring, moving scenes.

Our producers and the good people at Jersey Television have continued to try to find an appreciative home for the show and have told us to let everyone know that WB seems a likely candidate--so the more deluged they are with support, the better. Keep those cards, letters and emails coming!

We all hope to be on the air somewhere next season. And if not, we'll always appreciate the selfless enthusiasm you're dedicating to the show in its infancy.

And the teabags are a wonderful idea.

Hoping for the best
--Michael Cerveris
aka Gary

Message from Arija Bareikis (Emma Brody)

Message from John Landgraf (executive producer from Jersey TV)

Check out the Real Audio Files of Retriever as Tastes Like Chicken

We are extremely sad to report that after only four airings, FOX network has canceled The American Embassy. The series had some fantastic reviews in papers such as New York and LA Times. FOX's website and message board for the show had many visitors and the network received an unprecedented amount of email supporting the show (even more than their highly rated Celebrity Boxing).

The series was in a difficult position in their given time slot up against Top Ten regulars Everybody Loves Raymond and Fear Factor. An unfortunate competition between Ally McBeal and The American Embassy was also created in the press when they and/or the network predicted the cancellation of McBeal and went on to describe Embassy as it's "replacement" or as Entertainment Weekly called it, "FOX's backup plan".There were several online polls that asked which would you prefer to stay on "Ally" or "Embassy". Both TV and magazine commentators debated which should/would succeed. Some viewers posted messages saying that they were boycotting Embassy for fear of losing their beloved Ally. FOX was trying to appeal to the same statistical audience as Ally. But unfortunately it's not reasonable to expect to appeal to viewers at the same time one is talking about canceling their favorite show.

Instead of moving American Embassy to another time slot to see what ratings the show was really capable of earning, FOX chose to pull it from it's schedule entirely. FOX announced Monday morning before the fifth episode even aired that the often repeated 1996 movie The Wedding Singer aired in place of the special two hour Embassy finale. Within 24 hours FOX removed American Embassy (and the link to it's website) from their schedule and took down the show's bulletin board which was full of messages of distress at it's cancellation and pleas to keep the show on.

Audiences may never know the great series that it was developing into or the wonderful character that Michael brought to this show. In fact (his character) Gary's best storyline was to be revealed in the final two episodes.

All hope is not lost however. The best chance for American Embassy is that another network will pick up the show. From the moment it first aired, a loyal and growing fan base for the show was established. They have expressed a strong desire and commitment to help keep the show alive.

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The Pittsburgh Post is also conducting a survey of what shows people would like to say on the air.

Entertainment Shows:
You can write to these shows and let them know that you are part of the Save American Embassy campaign and ask them to interview cast members. If enough interest is expressed then another network will know that there is an audience for this show.

Entertainment Weekly ew_letters@ew.com
Entertainment Tonight http://www.etonline.com/info/talk_to_et.htm
Extra TV http://extratv.warnerbros.com/index_frame.html?p=contact/index.html
E! Online http://www.eonline.com/
TVGuide: http://www.tvguide.com/about/contact.asp
Access Hollywood: http://communities.msn.com/accesshollywood
Wanda, EOnline: wanda@eonline.com


You can also write to these networks:
ABC: netaudr@abc.com
NBC: nbcshows@nbc.com
CBS: www.cbs.com feedback at bottom of page
HBO: http://www.hbo.com/corpinfo/talktohbo.shtml
WB: faces@thewb.com
TNT: tnt@tnt.com
Lifetime TV: http://www.lifetimetv.com/help/feedback.html
FX Network: user@fxnetworks.com
Showtime: http://sho.com/util/custhelp.cfm
UPN: http://www.upn.com phone: (310) 575-7000

WB Contact and affiliate information
Here's a great sample letter that mentions the Tea Bag Campaign

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There are also many other general TV message boards on different sites. If you find one post a message and let them know about the campaign. There are also fans on Ally McBeal boards and newsgroups -let them know about the campaign.

It's unlikely any more more emails to FOX itself will do any good but please feel free to write anyway to AskFOX@foxinc.com.or leave a message for their PR department (212) 556-2542

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Also don't forget Michael Cerveris will be performing lead in Sondheim's Tony Award winning musical Passion. The production is part of the Sondheim Celebration at Washington DC's Kennedy Center and will run for 16 performances between July 19 and August 23.