Millennium Concert

Michael Cerveris Live at Millennium Stage
Kennedy Center, Washington DC
August 18, 2002, 6pm

Also performing: Alex Lutes (drums), Jeremy Chatzky (bass), Angela Gaylor (keyboard), Tracy Olivera (backup vocals)
Special guest vocalists: Rebecca Luker, Judy Kuhn
Eric Schaeffer (trombone), Youth Symphony Orchestra: Christina Coleman (trumpet), Chris Hahn (viola), Emily Schelstrate (violin), Zachary Plue (trombone), Andrew Yee (cello), M. Cloud (violin)

Rehearsal of How Many Times
Real Video
Rehearsal of Phoenix
Real Video

Lucky visitors to Washington DC had the chance to see Michael twice. First as the romantic lead in Sondheim's dark musical Passion. And later Michael performed his own songs live at the Millennium Stage on Sunday, August 18th at 6 pm.

The concert was webcast live and is now archived on

For more information and a special preview of Michael's exciting new music project - see

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