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Joe! the Musical


joe playbill
Hale Appleman
Elizabeth Balzano
Catherine Brunell
Michael Cerveris
Brian d'Arcy James
Melissa Diaz
Katherine Dietz
Lauren Dowden
Jonathan Gellert
Melissa Hart
Ron MacFarland
Sean McCourt
Michele Ragusa
Patrick Reed
Steven Rosen
Caesar Samayoa
Michael Schiffman
Jeff Skowron

Musical Direction by
Georgia Stitt

Reading by
Nicole Hudson

Scenes and Musical Numbers:


Scene 1: A Childhood Memory
Farewell To Eastern Women - Noah
When Summer Comes - Young Joe

Scene 2: Next!

Scene 3: The Comfort of Friends

Scene 4: Resolutions

Scene 5: Joe!
Good Morning! - Clock
Breakfast! - Joe's Mom, Joe's Dad

Scene 6: A Helluva Town!
Find Joe a Date! - Dave, Jay, Jeff
We are the Chorus! - Chorus
Leading Man - Laura

Scene 7: You Don't Know How Lucky You Are!
Act One Ending! - Chorus



Scene 8: Jail!
Playing it Sane! - Joe's Dad, Joe, Joe's Mom, Others

Scene 9: Love Changes Everything
Leading Man (Reprise) - Laura
Find Joe a Date (Reprise)! - Dave, Jay, Jeff
Joining the Show! - Dave, Jay, Jeff, Joe

Scene 10: The Party!
Wonderful New Year's Eve! - Chorus, Joe, Laura
Life of the Party! - Noah, Chorus
Perfect Design - Joe
Finale! - Laura, Joe, Chorus

Alan Wasser Associates, Apt 4A, Jay Ehrlich, Mark Erenstoft, David Finkelstein, Sean
Flahaven, Larry Grossman, Gad Gutterman, Sheldon Harnick, Paulette Haupt, Jim Hullinger,
Kurt Killam, Ron MacFarland, Dan Marzollo, Randy Meyer, Meredith Parker, Richard Riskin,
Cindy Scarlett, Pam Schmier, Michael Shattner, The Bullpen, The Girls, Jim Weitzer, Jeff Yorkes, The Moms: Carol, Fran and Saundra, The Dads: Andy, Marvin and James,

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