Tommy Backstage - Listening to You
"Listening to You"

You're expecting him to have all the answers and to tell you and all he says is you know. And when he says it's within you and you have to look within yourself it's not what you want to hear.
- Sherie Scott, Sally Simpson

After the crowd rejects him, Tommy is pulled back toward his previous state and attempts to go back into the mirror.

Buddy and I worked a lot on the final "See Me feel Me" duet section. We rehearsed it often just singing to eachother
- really close together and that was pretty wild because he's a terrific actor.
He's a great kid but he's also a real little actor and there's a lot of soul in that little body.
- Michael Cerveris

At that point his smaller self becomes his spiritual guide just as the Narrator had been for little Tommy in the beginning of the play. He raises his hand and smiles at me as if to say "Stay there. It's okay, you're strong enough to embrace and accept the world."
- Michael Cerveris

Suddenly in the middle of "Listening to You" people jumped out of their seats, were standing and cheering.

It maybe the most overwhelming thing I've ever experienced as a performer.
- Michael Cerveris

The last part of the show has a great deal to do with wanting to make a connection between the people who are there in the auditorium and the people onstage- taking the step - smashing through the fourth wall and turning out to the real extended family which is the audience
- Des McAnuff

Tommy's music is inherently theatrical. It is the momentum behind the story, providing constantly rising climaxes that drive the play to a sense of resolution. And as in great drama, the end is at once a conclusion and a new beginning.
- Joe Church, Musical Director

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