Tommy - Backstage

Stage (Libretto and Photos)
The La Jolla Playhouse Production
Time Magazine review; July 27, 1992
"Amazing Journey"
"See Me Feel Me"
Uncle Ernie
"Pinball Wizard"
"Tommy Can You Hear Me?"
"I Believe My Own Eyes/Smash the Mirror/I'm Free"
"Sally Simpson"
"Listening To You/Finale"
Tommy - Original Broadway cast recording
Tommy Highlights - Original Broadway cast recording
The Who's Tommy- The Amazing Journey (Buena Vista Home video)
Tommy - The Interactive Adventure Then & Now (cd-rom; Interplay)
On Broadway
TheaterWeek -"A Pinball Wizard on Broadway?"/ Interviews & discussion
TheaterWeek - "Hair Today" - interview with Judith Haugh, wig supervisor
San Diego Union-Tribune Review, April 23, 1993
San Diego Union Tribune-1994/Review & Analysis
1993 Tony Awards
The Nominees
The Big Night
Tommy in Germany
The Cast
Michael's Autogram card
The Show
People You Talk About - 1250 performance of Tommy
Sounds of Frankfurt -Michael Cerveris & company perform in concert
Michael donates Tommy shoes to Leather Museum
Michael cuts cake at 25th Anniversary Travel Bureau
Final Show of Tommy in Offenbach
Final Show- Benefit concert for "Tommy Hall"
Tommy off-stage

Michael Cerveris and Des MacNuff talk at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, 4/13/05

Vin Scelsa Interview
- 1993; interview with Michael, Des MacAnuff & Buddy Smith

"Pinball Wizard"
Michael Cerveris is  interviewed & performs Pinball Wizard on CBS This Morning; 1993

E! on Broadway- the Who's Tommy:
In Michael's Dressing Room with "Murray the Pinball Lizard"; Jonathan Dokuchitz's Birthday & more

"Pinball Wizard"
Michael Cerveris & company perform at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; 1993

Michael Cerveris & company  perform "Sensation" on Broadway on Broadway in Times Square; 1994.

1994 Broadway Flea Market
Official Web Archive for Michael Cerveris
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