"I Believe My Own Eyes/I'm Free"

The new song for the show - I believe my own eyes which Pete wrote for this production specifically to flesh out the characters of the parents and see how it was affecting their lives. In the course of Believe My Own Eyes- the parents come to the conclusion that is time to take their lives back. They make the decision that it's maybe
time to institutionalize him.
- Marcia Mitzman, Mrs. Walker

I've spent so much time sitting with my eyes unfocused in an empty state that during the blackout after the mirror is smashed I have to prepare myself to function again. It's a bit like waking up in the morning and alerting your limbs that they're
going to have to start working. But of course for Tommy, this is a profound waking up intoa state of innocent wonder at everything around him.
- Michael Cerveris

In a way your house offers protection-the windows and doors provide a shelter for your personality or identity as it relates
to your parents. Within those confines, you don't have to risk much, but once you step outside, like Tommy, you have to
deal with the world.
-John Arnone, Set Designer

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