Amazing Journey


Time: 1884. A white stage. George, an artist, is sketching.

White. A blank page or canvas.
The challenge: bring order to the whole.
(As he continues to speak, the white stage is transformed into a park on the island of La Grande Jatte. Trees descend onto the grass; a bottle glides into view; a cut out couple appear in the distance. The lighting gives the impression of early morning.)
Through design.
And harmony.

George is sketching. Dot is posing.

George. (no response) Why is it you always get to sit in the shade while I have to stand in the sun? (still no response) Hello, George? There is someone in this dress! (twitches slightly, sighs, mutters to herself)

A trickle of sweat.
The back of the head.
He always does this.
Now the foot is dead.
Sunday in the park with George.
One more Su-

The collar is damp,
Beginning to pinch.
The bustle's slipping-

I won't budge one inch.

Who was at the zoo. George?
The monkeys and who George.
The monkeys and who?

Don't move.

(still to herself)
artists are bizarre. Fixed. Cold.
That's you, George, you're bizarre. Fixed. Cold.
I like that in a man. Fixed. Cold.
God, it's hot up here.

Well, there are worse things
Than staring at the water on a Sunday.
There are worse things
Then staring at the water
As you're posing for a picture
Being painted by your lover
In the middle of the summer
On an island in the river on a Sunday.
(George rearranges her a bit, as if she were an object, then resumes sketching. Dot hisses, twitching again.)

The petticoat's wet,
Which adds to the weight.
The sun is blinding.
(closing her eyes)
All right, concentrate. .

Eyes open, Please.

Sunday in the Park with George...

Look out at the water. Not at me.

Sunday in the park with George...
(The dress opens, and Dot steps out. It closes behind her, but George continues sketching it as if she were still inside.)

Well, if you went breed
And respect
And attention,
Not to say connection,
Modelling's no profession.
(does mock poses)
If you went instead,
When you're deed,
Some more public and more permanent expression

Of affection,
You want a painter,
Sculptor, preferably:
Marble, granite, bronze.
Something nice with swans
That's durable
All it has to be is good.
And George, you're good,
You're really good.

George's stroke is tender,
George's touch is pure.
(stands nearby and watches him intently)
Your eyes, George.
I love your eyes, George.
I love your beard George.
I love your size, George.
But most, George,
Of all,
But most of all,
I love your painting...
(looking up at the sun)
I think I'm fainting...
(The dress opens, and Dot steps back into it, resumes pose, gives e twitch and a wince.)
The tip of a stay.
Right under the tit.
No don't give in. Just
Lift the arm e bit...

Don't lift the arm, please.

Sunday in the park with George...

The bustle high, please.

Not even a nod
As if I were trees.
The ground could open,
He would still say "please."
Never know with you, George,
Who could know with you?
The others I knew, George.
Before we get through,
I'll get to you, too.

God, I am so hot!

Well, there are worse things
Than staring at the water on a Sunday.
There are worse things
Than staring at the water
As you're posing for a picture
After sleeping on the ferry
After getting up at seven
To came over to an island
In the middle of a river
Half an hour from the city
On a Sunday.
On a Sunday in the park with-

Don't move the mouth.


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