TV Guest Appearances


Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2007) (TV) (episode "Depths")

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(5/17/01) as "Syd Goggle"

Dream On  "And Bobby Makes Three" (8/18/93)
as "Bobby" 

Quantum Leap "Glitter Rock" (4/10/91) as "Nick"

21 Jump Street "Back to School"  (10/20/90) as "Ray";

The Equalizer     "Last Call" (3/23/88)

The Equalizer "Race Traitors" (6/29/89)

The Tracey Ullman Show (5/17/87) "Vive La Difference" as "Vic"

Leg Work "The Best Couple I know" (10/17/87) as "Johnny Dark"

Doubletake (TV movie drama/1985) as "Gary Prine"

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