Fame - Judgement Day


"Judgement Day"
Written by Michael McGreevey
Directed by Oz Scott

Lou - Dick Miller

Scene: Lou's Lanes: at night

Leroy enters the darkened bowling Alley.


Hey Guys I don't have time for this.
Where are the lights in this place?

The light come on revealing
all the students & teachers
from the school.


What is all this about?

Mr. Dyrenforth:
It may have slipped your mind but
12 months ago you decided to become a teacher!

A big cake is brought forth with
"Happy Anniversary Leroy" written in icing.

Happy Anniversary Leroy!

Music is playing , everyone is laughing,
dancing and having a good time.
Leroy makes his way through the crowd,
dancing happily with all his friends.
Ian is sitting on a bar stool, chatting
and strumming his guitar.

The owner, Lou introduces himself to
Mr. Shorofsky - the music teacher.

Mr. Shorofsky so we finally meet!

Mr. Shorofsky:
Lou Mackie, it's a pleasure Sir.

Yeah, I hear we have a lot in common.

Mr. Shorofsky:
I've been meaning to get
over here and try out your lanes.

Oh I wasn't talking about bowling.
You're into classical music right?

Mr. Shorofsky:
You like Classical music?

Oh yeah, I wish that I could get Chris
to do some of that here but y'know - teenagers.
If it ain't rock and roll it ain't nothing.

Mr. Shorofsky:
I have exactly the same problem in school.
You see that young man over there with the guitar?

He points over to where Ian is sitting.

Yeah - The English kid.

Mr. Shorofsky:
He could be a great guitarist if he'd
only apply himself. But he's more
interested in Eddie Van Halen than Sikovia.

Gee, I'd love to have him play some
classical things here.
Does he know any Patti Paige?

Scene: Mr. Shorofsky's Class

Ian finishes beautifully playing a classical
piece on his guitar.

He then, twists the end into
a rock finish. Mr. Shorofsky
clearly unimpressed
tries to get him to stop.

Mr. Shorofsky: <shouting>
Mr. Ware! Mr Ware!

Ian stops.

Would you like to tell me
what that display was all about?

I was just improvising to
liven things up.

Mr. Shorofsky:
Mozart is not lively enough for you?


Ian leans over on Shorofsky's desk

It is a little boring isn't it?

Mr. Shorofsky:
How about that noise or
whatever it is you just played?
That's not boring?

Not to me it isn't.

But to each his own right?

Mr. Shorofsky:
Mr Ware, now I don't want you to
misunderstand me.

I'm all in favor of
artistic freedom.

But as long as you're
in my classroom -

you will play the
music the way it was written.


Yes, Sir.

Chastised, Ian picks up his music,
guitar and leaves.


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