Fame as "Ian Ware" Season 5, 1986-87
Michael Cerveris resume '85

Michael joined the cast of Fame in 1986 as newly arrived British student, Ian Ware.

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    Selected Episodes

Judgement Day

New Faces

Fame and Fortune

Go Softly Into Morning

That Was The Weekend That Was

Ian's Girl

The Crimson Blade

Of Cabbages and Kings

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Lydia Grant  - Debbie Allen
Jesse Valesquez - Jesse Borrego -
Ian Ware - Michael Cerveris
Dusty - Loretta Chandler 
Mr. Shorofsky- Albert Hague
Reggie Higgins - Carrie Hamilton
Jillian Beckett - Elisa Heinsohn
Chris Donlon - Billy Hufsey
Danny Amatullo - Carlo Imperato
Mr. Dyrenforth - Graham Jarvis
Mrs Berg - Ann Jarvis
Nicole Chapman - Nia Peeples
Paul Seager - Eric Pierpoint
Leroy Johnson - Gene Anthony Ray
Maxie - Olivia Barash
Miltie Horowitz - Robert Romanus
Laura Mackie -Carolyn J. Silas 
Lou Mackie - Dick Miller

Music Coordinator - Tom Siegal
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